Some camps are now using Facebook as their web presence as it is free and there is a perception that “everyone” is on Facebook (also some web hosting providers do charge a bit much for their services). Of course, that is not the case; 59.7% of the New Zeland population are on Facebook*.  This compares to approximately 10% of New Zealanders not having access to the internet**; that leaves around 30% of New Zealanders who do not have a Facebook account and therefore have limited access to data on Facebook.   If you are not logged into Facebook and you click a link which takes you to Facebook, depending what the link is, Facebook may shield you from the data behind the link, to try and get you to sign up to view the data.



* Nz’ers on Facebook 2019

** It is dificult to get an exact figure for the percent of  New Zealanders who do not use the internet. We did some research but it depends on how you do the survey as to the results you get. We will settle on 90% at this stage.