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Tawhitokino Regional Park

Overseeing Body:

Auckland Council
265 Kawakawa Bay Coast Road, Orere Point, Auckland, North Island


This small scenic park is located at the end of the Kawakawa Bay Coast Road. Accessible from Waiti Bay only at low tide, Tawhitokino offers safe swimming and a beautiful, secluded stretch of white sand beach backed by regenerating bush and farmland.

Booking campgrounds with an underage group

Campground bookings for an unsupervised group, under the age of 18:

You will need consent to make a campground booking when your group is aged 16 years and 17 years.

You will need to:

  1. Download the Regional Parks: Parental Consent Form
  2. Have your legal guardian complete and signed the form.
  3. Supply your completed form when you make your booking.

For health and safety reasons bookings for groups of people aged 15 years and under are not allowed, without appropriate supervision.

All other bookings for unsupervised group under the age of 18:

You will not be unable to make bookings for our baches, lodges and bookable sites. You may only use these sites with appropriate supervision.


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