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Kahurangi National Park


Alerts Modified Date: 2024-6-24 > Predator control for Parapara area > Predator control for Cobb area > Wangapeka Road closure at Dart Ford > Predator control for Kakapo area > Predator control for Gouland area > Chummies Track reroute > Slips on track from Baton River Road to Flanagans Hut > Heaphy River Suspension Bridge remediation work > Aerial goat surveillance and control for Kahurangi National Park > Crazy Paving Cave closure > Allow more time to reach the huts in Matiri Valley

Kahurangi National Park, Tasman, New Zealand, West Coast, South Island


Kahurangi National Park Created in 1996, Kahurangi is one of New Zealand\'s newest national parks, and at 452,002 hectares it is also the second largest. Translated, its name has a number of meanings including \'treasured possession\', an apt description of its wonderfully diverse natural and recreational values. In places it is an untracked wilderness, elsewhere a wonderful network of tracks lets you explore wild rivers, high plateaux and alpine herbfields, and coastal forests.


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