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Te Pua Reserve

Contact Information
Camping Ground, Te Pua Road, Te Kao 0484, Far North, North Island
Phone(s): 09 409 7831


First collect your gate key from the Te Kao Store and pay a $20 refundable
deposit. About 10 km farther north from here you will turn east down Paua
Road, then into Te Pua road. There is a plateau of rough grass above sheltered waters on three sides. A landmark bar of gleaming white (pure silica) sand
protects this coast. Clear, deep water is around the perimeter, but you will
have to negotiate a bank to the water or try your luck at the boat ramp, unless
the tide is right. Campers must be totally independent. There is no water
or any facilities. This appears to be a great fishing spot. Charges are $10 per vehicle per night.

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